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The wide range of Disc-O-Mulch harrows features two rows of cutaway discs for high speed, shallow cultivation for blackgrass control and to encourage weed and volunteer seeds to germinate or for deeper incorporation of large amounts of residue, including maize stubble.

Unique features include mounting each disc on a heavy duty pigtail tine to allow the disc to move in 3 directions (3D), which improves mixing and penetration, but at the same time reducing power required compared to traditional 2D systems. A patented board between the discs shatters clods and improves mixing. A wide choice of rollers is offered.
Disc-O-Mulch machines are available as mounted 3m to 4m rigid, 4m to 6m folding and 4.5m to 12m trailed

The Maximulch uses the same principles as the Disc-O-Mulch with two rows of scalloped discs, but also incorporates a row of pan-busting tines with patented TCS blades. These raise the soil profile over the full working width to create vertical fissuring so improving aeration and drainage.

The tines are positioned between the two disc rows for best mixing action and reduced power requirement, saving fuel and therefore cost. The loosening tines are available with shear bolt or “non-stop” spring protection. Each disc is mounted on a maintenance-free hub for long life performance. An air seeder can be fitted for one-pass establishment of OSR, cover crops etc. Available as mounted 3m to 4m rigid and 4m to 6m trailed.


Patented offset TCS shares on each leg of the Cultiplow raises the soil profile in a “wave” to create vertical fissuring thus improving aeration and drainage whilst leaving a level surface. The soil structure is improved to encourage deep root development and for maximum use of available nutrients. Requiring up to 28% less power than traditional subsoilers, the Cultiplow saves fuel and costs.

Mounted and trailed versions are available with working widths from 3m to 8m. Shearbolt or "non-stop" leg protection options are also available.
The Grassland Plow features the same TCS blades as the Cultiplow for even lifting of the whole soil profile. Disc openers cut the sward ahead of the legs and a full with rubber roller re-consolidates.

The Combiplow is designed for use in conjunction with a variety of cultivation machinery including compact discs, power harrows and combi-drills.

Close coupled to minimise overhang, the Combiplow features the same TCS shares as the Cultiplow to loosen the soil in a “wave” to create vertical fissuring and improve soil structure. The tines can be supplied with shear bolt or non-stop spring protection.

Available in 3m, 3m50 and 4m widths to match individual requirements, the two wider Combiplow are also offered with telescopic wings for road transport, so can be used with folding implements.

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