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Section Control
Higher fertiliser costs mean that farmers must ensure accurate spreading over the total field area, including irregular shaped fields and at angled headlands. To achieve this KRM offer two section control methods, the field proven Standard Section Control and Dynamic Section Control for wider spread widths.
Section Control Standard
Section Control Dynamic

Section control standard is available on all KRM spreaders and recommended at working widths up to 24m. It works by reducing the quantity of fertiliser being applied in line with the reduced area being spread as short work is encountered. This is done by the double shutter system (shown above in blue), the system can be operated manually or automatically via GPS.

This system works on KRM machines due to the unique Double Double overlap spread pattern.

  Recommended for wider working widths, Section Control Dynamic works in 8 linear steps by simultaneously adjusting the quantity of fertiliser applied and adapting the spread from left to right of the spreader or vice versa at angled headlands or in short work. Two additional pieces (shown in red) are fitted as standard to all KRM M-line machines, then using optional Dynamic Control, this system can be operated either manually from the Calibrator Zurf or ISObus or it can be controlled automatically by GPS.
The Graph's above are produced using actual tray test results and prove that simply be reducing the quantity being applied the CT (coefficient of transition) always remains low. International standards state the CT should not exceed 25%. Using section control standard as the width drops from 24m down to 9m the CT is always around 10% - an excellent result. The diagram above shows how the shape of our spread pattern changes when Section Control Dynamic is used. Toward the tapering headland, the density of the spread to the right is reduced while the spread to the left is maintained. With this system, ultimate accuracy is maintained over the total field area.

Manual Control

Standard Section Control can be operated manually by the operator on any KRM spreader fitted with our calibrator Icon, Uniq, Zurf or Isobus

Manual Control

Dynamic Section Control can be operated manually by the operator on any KRM spreader fitted with our calibrator Zurf or Isobus



Automatic Control - Standard and Dynamic  

Auto Switch

Take the guess work out of spreading with KRM's Auto Switch, this system will turn the spreader on and off at the headland as well as operating Standard or Dynamic Section Control automatically in irregular shaped fields. It can also be used for guidance and variable rate.

Simple to install and use this system links into the existing Calibrator and will also generate a forward speed, making it simple to move between tractors.



KRM's iZurf module connects into the calibratror Zurf and provides a wireless connection to a tablet PC. The free app provides both full operation of the spreader using the same intuitive layout as the calibrator Zurf on the right hand side of the screen. Automatic on/off and section control is taken care of on the left had side.

Click here to watch a video looking at iZurf and Isobus spreader controls.

The iZurf module also allows for connection of other variable rate systems these could be non GPS based, such as the Yara N Sensor or an existing variable rate system that is unable to provide section control such as the SOYL opti.


All KRM weigh cell spreaders can now be supplied ISOBUS ready. Easy and logical operation have always been key guidelines in the development of our electronic controllers. To continue this strategy the ISOBUS solution displays the same easily understandable graphical layout on the tractors terminal.

Click here to watch a video looking at Isobus and iZurf spreader controls.

In many cases its possible to use your own existing GPS equipment to work with our section control systems, a guide to comparability and system requirements can be found here.
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