Seed Drills
KRM salt spreaders can be tailored to your specific requirements by fitting a control mechanisms to suit your needs.

Variable Rate Control

For maximum accuracy and comfort, the Calibrator Icon provides the operator with finger tip control of the salt spreader. It can be used to control both the spread rate and spread width. Its easy to read display shows the operator the exact rate being applied in gram/m2 and the current spread width. Supplied as standard with a means of detecting forward speed the system is also able to ensure the rate remains constant irrespective of changes of in forward speed, ideal for road spreading.


Electronic Control

A more cost effective option for those not requiring all the functions of the Calibrator Icon is the electronic control. This system allows the application rate to be adjusted from the cab via a simple rocker switch. This system is also compatible with the electronic width control.


Electronic Width Control

When a machine is fitted with the Calibrator Icon or electronic rate control an add on electronic spread width kit can be supplied. The rear skirt is adjusted by an electric motor allowing adjustment of working width from the cab and on the move.


Hydraulic Control

Hydraulic control allows the machine to be switched on and off from the tractor seat and utilizes a tractor spool valve.

Remote Manual Control

The simplest solution for altering application rates on the move is by remote cable. The lever can be cab mounted and allows the rate to be adjusted and the machine to be fully closed ideal if traveling long distances between jobs.


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