Since first developing an electronic spreader many years ago we have always followed the same strategy, to ensure our control systems are as accurate and simple to operate as possible.

The Calibrator Icon is available on all L line and M line spreaders. It provides quick and easy machine set up, application rate independent of forward speed and on the move rate adjustment. The system also records information relating to a particular field including the area spread, the application rate and the total quantity of material applied, this information is all easily downloadable to assist with record keeping.

Download the calibrator leaflet here

With 2 way RS232 communication the Icon can accept software updates and is compatible with all leading GPS systems such as Green star, SOYL, etc.

Learn how the design of our machine ensures the application rate can be changed without affecting the spread pattern.

Weigh Cell
Latest development from KRM Bogballe is a new generation Zurf electronic controller. This controller incorporates new "Intelligent Control" hardware and software, exclusive to KRM spreaders, which continuously assesses and sifts the information from the weigh cell to use only valid data for maximum accuracy on the level, and up or down or across slopes. The data is validated automatically on the move, isolating the effects of bounce in hard conditions, angle of slope and amount in the hopper to be the most accurate spreader on the market.


All KRM weigh cell spreaders can now be supplied Isobus ready. Easy and logical operation have always been key guidelines in the development of our electronic controllers. To continue this strategy the Isobus solution displays the same easily understandable graphical layout on the tractors terminal. Click here to watch a video looking at Isobus and iZurf spreader controls. Examples of our machines running through OEM ISObus systems are shown below.

TeeJet Aeros

When a full ISObus system is required, KRM supply the TeeJet Aeros system, this comes as a complete system with the head unit, GPS receiver and easily transferable tractor/spreader loom. All units supplied are unlocked for section control and VRT as standard. For more information click here.

Auto Switch

Both the Icon and Zurf control box's can be linked into several GPS units to provide auto on/off. This system automatically switches the machine on and off at the optimal point to ensure no overlaps or misses and reduce operator fatigue. Furthermore when spreading irregular shaped fields the system can automate both Standard Section Control and Dynamic Section Control, this feature is also useful when a narrow tramline is encountered.



KRM's iZurf module connects into the calibratror Zurf and provides a wireless connection to a tablet PC. The free app provides both full operation of the spreader using the same intuitive layout as the calibrator Zurf on the right hand side of the screen. Automatic on/off and section control is taken care of on the left had side. Click here to watch a video looking at iZurf and Isobus spreader controls.


The iZurf module also allows for connection of other variable rate systems these could be non GPS based, such as the Yara N Sensor or an existing variable rate system that is unable to provide section control such as the SOYL opti. Download a leaflet here.


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