Seed Drills


The Kratos range of power harrows includes 3m, 3.5m and 4m rigid machines along with 4m, 5m and 6m folding models. The standard features detailed below make it ideal for a variety of applications.

Quick Release Blades
Standard fitment on all KRM Kratos power harrows are quick fit blades. Each blade is secured by a single pin for minimum down time. Long life is provided by the 320mm long, 18mm thick blades. The rotors are individually mounted in a cast housing and supported by top and bottom taper roller bearings, these along with the gears are immersed in lubricating grease, minimising maintenance.
Rotor Mounting
All KRM power harrows feature 4 rotors per meter. Having more rotors ensures a finer tilth is produced and also reduces the power requirement as the torque on each rotor is reduced. The rotors are timed to act sequentially on the soil as such the load on the gearbox is constant. Folding models work in the same way across the full width, eliminating the need for a helper tine between the two beds.
Hydraulically Adjustable Clod Board
The clod board is mounted to the packer roller on all Kratos power harrows, this design eliminates the need to adjust the clod board each time the height of the trough is altered i.e. as the tines wear or the working depth is changed. Furthermore the clod board is adjusted hydraulically from the tractor cab as standard, a clear easy to see indicator shows the position of the board.
Centrally Adjustable Scrapers
Mounting the scrapers low and at a shallow angle to the roller prevents large amounts of "scraped" soil being left on the finished seed bed and reduces wear on the scrapers. The staggered teeth of the packer roller also provide areas for soil to "break out" also reducing load and therefore wear on the scrapers. A threaded adjuster moves the complete scraper bar reducing the need to individually adjust scrapers for reduced down time.
Heavy Duty Headstock
The headstock with side arms combines with a front box section to form a chassis which isolates the gear tray from the additional loadings of a seed drill combination. Power harrow mounted markers are also available, for more information on our range of combination seed drills please click here.
Rear Rollers
Super Packer Cage Roller
The 550mm super packer provides consolidation to depth, continues to turn in light sandy soils and is easy to keep clean. Alternatively the Kratos range can be supplied with a cage roller. Ideal in lighter soils where a less firm finish is required or for use on a smaller tractor where the reduced weight is an advantage.
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