KRM Sola Drill Electronics


The Solatronic is the standard control box that comes with all models of seed drill. It monitors all key drill functions such as tramlining, hopper level, forward speed, area meter and fan speed. The system automatically counts bouts as the markers are moved and engages the tramline valves when required. If fitted with pre emergence markers these are also activated automatically on the tramline bout.


Artemis Lite

If seed rate adjustment on the move is required then the Artemis lite provides the answer. The system includes a powerful electric motor to drive the metering unit and a radar to monitor forward speed. Rather than turning the metering unit manually to calibrate its simply a case of pressing a button located along side the metering unit. Once a suitable quantity of seed has been metered its weighed and the weight entered directly into the control box. This establishes a setting for that seed and allows any application rate to be set at the touch of a button. Seed rates can easily be adjusted on the move to suit conditions.



Artemis Pro Fully GPS Compatible)

With the same functionality as the Artemis Lite the fully GPs compatible Artemis package allows seed rates to be adjusted on the move relative to a variable rate map via GPs An SD card slot allows variable rate maps to be loaded directly into the control box negating the need for an addition GPs system.


Auto Switch

The Auto Switch system is compatible with both the Lite and the Pro systems. Once the field boundary is known the system will automatically start and stop drilling at the optimum point when entering or exiting the headland. Especially useful when drilling the headland last, especially at night! The unit can also be used for variable rate drilling (when used with the Artemis Pro) and gives guidance. The same unit also provides the same functionality when used with our spreaders.



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