This one pass soil loosener and stubble cultivator features 2 rows of spring mounted 560mm concave discs seperated by tines with our patented TCS blades to create vertical fissuring whilst leaving a level cultivated surface.

Whole Profile Lifting
The TCS blades are able to lift the whole soil profile vertically. This vertical lifting takes less power than traditional winged feet as soil is only moved vertically and there is no resistance above the soil surface.
TCS Blade Effect
The Maximulch features our patented TCS Blades. This low disturbance blade with its offset tip and wide foot, creates a bow wave effect to lift the whole soil profile. Loosening the soil and creating vertical fissures to improve its structure.
Easy Depth Adjustment
A rack and pinion system provides fast and easy depth adjustment of the legs across a wide working range and up to 30cm deep. The Machine stored handle attaches to the pinion allowing the leg to be wound up or down, before being secured in the desired position with a pin. This system is standard on both shear bolt and non-stop machines.


Shear Bolt
Blade Security
The TCS blades can be supplied with shear bolt protection or non-stop spring protection. Shear bolts provide a lower cost solution ideal in less stoney conditions. For stoney conditions the non-stop spring system allows individual blades to break back and clear the obstacle before automatically resetting to their original position. Individually sprung blades ensure each tine is able to apply its maximum force.
3D Disc Mounting System

Each disc is mounted on a heavy duty pig tail tine, this allows movement in all directions allowing obstacles to be avoided. This spring system also stores energy delivering it back to the soil surface for better penetration in tough working conditions. This action causes the spring to vibrate providing better penetration.

Individual Disc Mounting

Each disc is mounted using our patented 3D system, this allows each disc unit to follow ground contours and avoid obstructions without affecting the performance of the rest of the machine.

Obstruction under one of the front discs
Obstruction under one of the rear discs

Hydraulic Folding Roller

As an option, the rear roller can be hydraulically folder for transport. Moving the weight of the roller forward dramatically reduces the load on the rear of the tractor making it more stable on the road.

Bearing Options

SR Bearings

All Maximulch machines are supplied as standard with our SR hub. The SR hub is maintenance free and uses 80mm bearings and 4 bolt (M16) disc mounting. As an option SRE hubs can be specified, these are also maintenance free but utilise a 100mm bearing and have the possibility of 8 bolt (M16) fixing.
SRE Bearings


Rear Rollers
Steel Packer
The V-sem roller comprises angled press rings for consolidation, between each press ring is a finger which not only prevents blockage but also lightly presses the area between the roller rings to give even consolidation aiding the establishment of volunteers.
The massive 700mm diameter steel packer roller has great clod breaking abilities, it forces stones below the soil surface and consolidates to depth.
The Agrix rubber ring roller leaves a weatherproof finish Its rubber constriction and scrapper bar ensure its clean running.


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