KRM spreaders are produced in a state of the art factory utilizing the latest production techniques and optimum materials to ensure years of trouble free operation.

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State of the art Production

Each machine is manufactured to exacting standards using the latest techniques. The CAD design, CNC tooling, Laser cutters and robot welders ensure quality from the very beginning. By investing heavily in these processes we ensure each machine produced is identical and will perform to the same high standards.

Ceramic Bath

All small components go through a ceramic bath, this process removes all sharp edges and any surface slag giving a perfect preparation for paint.


Edge Smoothing

Sharp edges are created by punching and laser cutting operations. Its impossible to get a good paint finish on these sharp edges. So a special machine has been developed in house to smooth the edges of all components to ensure the best paint finish possible is achieved.


Chemical Cleaning

All components pass are subjected to a chemical cleaning process prior to painting. This 7 step process uses alkaline de-greasing, iron phosphorus and chrome passivation liquids. This not only prepares the parts for painting but leaves them with a rust inhibiting surface below the paint, ensuring that if a part is scratched rust is prevented from creeping below the paint.


Powder Coat Paint

Powder coat paint is then applied electrostatically as a dry powder to ensure a perfectly even coat on all surfaces. Finally all components are baked to harden the paint in a 45m long oven where each componet reaches 180 degrees. The result is flexible finish twice as thick as wet paint and 30 times stronger is achieved.

Rubberized Sealing Strips

Having achieved the best paint finish possible we then want to ensure it doesn't get damaged during assembly or the life of the machine. To this end we fit rubberized sealing strips wherever two panels meet and use only stainless steel fixings along with stainless and nylon washers in assembly.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used to produce all the working parts of all KRM spreaders including; hopper base, regulating mechanism, all guarding, Disc's, link rods, shutters (Teflon coated on M2/M3) and all nuts and bolts throughout the machine.

Manganese Steel Vanes

The spreading vanes are manufactured from Manganese steel to ensure long life. These vanes have 2-3 times longer durability compared to stainless steel. Meaning reduced running costs and down time.

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