KRM Bredal Electronic Control

Automatic Control Kit

To facilitate variable rate spreading all Bredal machines can be supplied with an automatic control kit. As with all Bredals this system allows an application rate to be maintained regardless of forward speed.

Calibration is simply a case of entering the bulk density of the material being spread into the control box.

The in cab control box allows the operator to manually adjust the application rate and can be linked into GPS systems to facilitate variable rate spreading. In addition the system also monitors; disc speed, material flow rate, area worked, time worked, theoretical tonnage spread.


Hydraulic Belt Drive

The system works by adjusting the speed of the floor belt, this is don via a fast valve controlling a hydraulic motor. The key benefit of this system as opposed to systems where the height of the door is adjusted is the instant change in application rate without lag.


Weigh Cells

Weigh cells are available as an option on all Bredal spreaders. The trailed machines use four 10 ton load cells to accurately monitor the weight in the hopper. In addition to displaying the exact load in the hopper, the system is able to calculate new flow factors for the product being spread to ensure optimum accuracy.



All KRM Bredal spreaders can now be supplied ISOBUS ready. Easy and logical operation have always been key guidelines in the development of our electronic controllers. To continue this strategy the ISOBUS solution displays the same easily understandable graphical layout on the tractors terminal.


Auto on/off

The automatic control kit can be linked into several GPS units to provide auto on/off. This system automatically switches the machine on and off at the optimal point to ensure no overlaps or misses and reduce operator fatigue. Furthermore when spreading irregular shaped fields the system can alter the spread width of the machine to suit the area being spread, this feature is also useful when a narrow tramline is encountered.



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