A wide range of options are available to tailor your Bredal to your requirements

Hopper Cover

To protect the hopper contents a hopper cover can be supplied. Two types are available, a roll over sheet and a hydraulically opening version as pictured. The ability to open the cover simply by operating a spool in the cab significantly reduces down time while loading.


Hopper Extension

All Bredal machines can be fitted with a hopper extension to increase capacity. The extensions give approximately 20% more capacity (depending on the model) and can be manufactured as part of the hopper cover or as a separate item.


Stainless Steel

As standard key parts of all Bredal machines are manufactures from stainless steel, these include; rear door, floor belt frame, lighting kit, down shute, guarding etc. For the ultimate in easy cleaning and long life a fully stainless steel hopper can be specified.


Hydraulic Belt drive

The floor belt can be driven hydraulically rather than with the cage wheel. This can be a simple system to allow very high rates to be applied or linked in to an in cab control box to facilitate on the move rate adjustment and GPS variable rate spreading.

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Botex Crane

Fitting a crane to the machines means one man can be fully self sufficient. This system eliminates the need for a separate loader which can be inconvenient to move around and costly to maintain. Many contractors find its a quicker system to operate than using a front end loader, as the machine is not constantly having to be constantly re-hitched. Loading the machine in this way also means that the maximum load can always be carried with less risk of spillage while loading for a neater job.

A choice of control systems is available.



Weight Transfer

A cylinder mounted between a special frame on the front of the Bredal chassis and the back of the tractor is pressurized through an accumulator. This system significantly reduces bounce when traveling over rough ground thus easing operator fatigue and improves traction in tough conditions.


Turf Dresser

Our standard turf dresser is based around the K40 machine, however any model can be adapted for this purpose. All hydraulics are removed from the machine by using PTO power to drive both the disc's and floor belt. The disc's and vanes used are rubber coated for longer life.



Sand Conveyor

The sand conveyor can be interchanged with the standard spinner box allowing the machine to be utilized for a wider range of purposes.





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