Bredal spreaders utilise many features to ensure their accuracy reliability and simplicity remains unrivaled

Spread pattern

The Bredal F2 utilses the double double overlap principle of spreading. Each disc spreads tramline to tramline giving maximum overlap for practical on farm tolerance. The large diameter disc's each have 6 vanes allowing the system to accommodate large quantities of fertilser ideal for high application rates on roots and increased forward speeds.


Drive line

Drive from the PTO is transferred to the disc's via the spinner box. The heavy duty kevlar lined belt runs on stainless steel pulleys for maximum belt life.

Headland system

The headland system limits the spread of material to the field boundary. The system works by reducing the speed of the headland side disc and altering the point where fertiliser hits the discs.


Spread width

The F2 can spread at any width from 12m to 36m without changing any parts! The spread width is set by altering disc speed via the tractors PTO and setting the drop point at which fertiliser comes on to the disc.


Precise metering

Unlike most other spreaders Bredal machines use a forced metering system. Rather than relying on gravity and the fertiliser flowing through a hole in the base of a hopper the Bredal positively delivers fertiliser from the hopper on a belt. The rate can then be regulated simply by altering the speed of the belt and the height of the door.


Ground wheel drive

The belt is driven by a ground wheel running against the tractors rear wheel. Drive then goes through a three speed gearbox to the belt allowing for high medium or low rates. This system ensures the same application rate is applied regardless of forward speed.


Because the volume of material leaving the hopper for any given setting is known, calibration is just a case of establishing the bulk density of the material being spread. The standard machine mounted calibration kit quickly finds the bulk density (kg per litre) of the material and a single setting chart is used to set the application rate for all material.





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