Bredal spreaders utilise many features to ensure their accuracy reliability and simplicity remains unrivaled


The secret behind the long life durability which Bredal machines are renowned for is the heavy duty chassis on to which the hopper is mounted.

The Floor belt runs along a powerful carrying framewhich features stainless steel beds, plastic coated belt rollers with stainless steel shafts running on maintenance free bearings. The close seal between bearing and roller prevents dust and other foreign objects entering the bearings.

Ground wheel drive

The floor belt is drive comes from a land wheel driven by the wheel of the machine. This system gives a constant application rate regardless of forward speed. The double spring ensures positive drive in all conditions. A two or optional three speed gearbox transfers drive to the belt. As an option the belt can be driven hydraulically.


Rate Setting

Bredal machines use a floor belt to positively deliver material to the discs. The application rate is not affected by the way a particular material is flowing due to poor quality or damp weather etc as can be experienced with a gravity feed machine.

The rate is altered by setting the speed of the belt and the height of the rear door.



Because the volume of material leaving the hopper for any given setting is known, calibration is just a case of establishing the bulk density of the material being spread. The standard machine mounted calibration kit quickly finds the bulk density (kg per litre) of the material and a single setting chart is used to set the application rate for all materials


Spread units

Bredal machines can be supplied with any combination of the spreading units described below, all are interchangeable meaning one machine can quickly and easily be adapted to suit many different applications.

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