K Series Range

K45 Approx 4 ton fert / 5.5 ton lime

Here the customer has specified the machine and hopper extension in stainless steel and on 600/55 x 27.5 wheels.



K65 Approx 5 ton fert / 7.5 ton lime

This K65 is fitted with a hopper cover and the 18-36m fertiliser kit.



K85 Approx 7 ton fert / 10 ton lime

The K85 pictured has been fitted with 18.4/15 x 38 this wheel tyre combination raises the height of the spinner box giving better clearance to prevent crop damage.


K105 Approx 9 ton fert / 14 ton lime

The LH 500 control box fitted to this K105 offers variable rate spreading and GPS control as well as simple calibration and monitoring of all key functions. The machine and extension have been manufactured in stainless steel and the hopper has been fitted with cut outs to accommodate the 800/65 x 32 tyres at a reasonable width.



K135 Approx 13.5 ton fert / 20 ton lime

The rear axle of the K135 steers to reduce scrubbing and its load is spread over four Michelin 650/65 x 30.5 X Bib tyres. All these machines have the LH 500 control box which provides positive hydraulic drive to the floor belt. A hydraulic controlled tipping plate in the front of the hopper holds material off the belt until part of the load has been spread.

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