In Field Spreading

The F series spreaders use Bredals "A" disc's as standard to produce a "double double overlap" spread pattern. The large overlap between the two disc's provides practical on farm tolerance, reducing the effect of external factors such as wind. Fertiliser flows into the the centre of the large diameter disc's without touching the spreading vanes. It is then gently accelerated and spread by the six vanes on each disc. For spreading at wider widths Bredal offer "H" disc's, these concave disc's are specifically designed for materials with more difficult spreading characteristics such as Urea, Potash or Ammonium Sulphate.


Headland Spreading

Precise spreading to the headland is achieved through a combination of disc speed and drop on point. The system inside the spinner box reduces the speed of the headland side disc. The drop on point can be adjusted from the cab to set the desired spread and the setting saved. If required a reduction in application rate on the headland side can also be set, this and the downshute setting are automatically selected once the headland system is engaged. The accuracy of Bredals headland system was recently commented on in a Farmers Weekly article.


Section Control

Bredals F series trailed spreaders come as standard with section control. The control system divides the working width into 12 sections, sections can be turned on/off manually or automatically via the ISOBUS terminal.

A combination of reducing floor belt speed, to adjust the quantity and altering the position of the down shutes to adjust the spread pattern delivers even application in short work areas and residual widths.



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