Different spread units are available to suit specific applications

18 - 36m Fertiliser kit

This set up features 6 carbide coated vanes per disc and uses an adjustable down shute for exact positioning of fertilizer on the disc for maximum accuracy. A stainless steel hoop on top of the disc further helps to control the flow of material.

Headland system

The headland system works with the 18-36m kit to limit the spread of material to the field boundary. The system works by reducing the speed of the headland side disc and altering the point where fertiliser hits the disc. The unit pictured has a single belt drive, its also available with twin belt drive.



Wide lime kit

As standard all Bredal spreaders are supplied with the wide lime kit. This kit is suitable for spreading lime up to 16m and base fertilisers up to 24. This kit utilises a fixed down shute and four vanes per disc.


Reverse drive kit

For heavy wet materials Bredal offer a reverse drive kit. As the name suggests the disc's spin backwards resulting in material being on the disc for a shorter period of time. In addition the down shute is much steeper allowing wet material to flow more easily on to the disc's. Reverse drive can be achieved by fitting a reversing gearbox on to the standard spinner box or with a reverse drive spinner box.


Sand Spreading

For spreading very abrasive materials such as sand Bredal offer rubber coated disc's and vanes. The disc's spin backwards as in the reverse drive kit and the same steep down shute is used.


Salt Spreading

This easy to fit salt spreading kit turns your Bredal into a road gritter, the low height at which it puts salt on to the surface prevents damage to other vehicles. The speed of the hydraulically driven disc can be adjusted to alter the spread width. To facilitate driving on the left and spreading across the whole road the unit can be moved right to left which offsets the spread pattern.



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