Ideal for row crops such as maize, sugar beet, oilseed rape etc,in rows from 45cm to 80cm, the INRO has individual strip till elements mounted on a parallelogram linkage for accurate contour following, with hydraulic reset of each element to clear hidden obstructions. Each element has discs to clear previous crop residue away from the tilled strip and a carbide tipped loosening tine working from 5cm up to 30cm depth. Following fluted discs create a tilth and a self cleaning chain rear roller firms the surface to conserve moisture. All components of the strip till element can be adjusted without tools.

  Standard Features  

Each element is mounted on a parallelogram and benefits from its own pair of depth wheels to ensure a consistent working depth.

A smooth, spring loaded 500m opening disc cuts a slot for the leg to follow avoiding tearing.

Two trash clearing disc's move loose surface material away from the row. These are individually adjustable and spring loaded.

The leg itself is fully carbide protected and can be used with or without a "wing" depending on the work required.

Pressure is supplied by a hydraulic ram via an accumulator, the pressure can be set from the tractor depending on conditions.

A pair of wavey edge disc's sit to either side of the leg, these have adjustable angle and width to optimize the strip for the following crop.

Consolidation of the row is provided by a following roller, various types are available, see below, all are easily adjustable and spring protected.

These "Spring work" disc's are available as an option and can be fitted in place of the leg using the same tool free mounting system. This solution allows the same machine to be utilised in the spring to re-work the row which has been left over winter creating optimal sowing conditions.
Roller Options
Chain Roller Prism Roller

Semloc c/w Disc Coulters

The Inro can be used for drill with the addition of disc coulters. Each coulter is individually mounted to the row unit and has its own press wheel ensuring good seed/soil contact and a consistent sowing depth.


Fertiliser Placement

Fertiliser delivery is height adjustable behind the leg of the Inro allowing different working depths and fertiliser placement depths to be achieved simultaneously.


Liquid Injection

The Inro can also be fitted with liquid injection allowing slurry, digestate etc to be incorporated into the worked row making the nutrients easily accessible for the following crop.



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