KRM Agrisem

The Disc-O-Mulch features two rows of cutaway disc's for, shallow cultivation for residue incorporation and to encourage weed and volunteer seeds to germinate. Each disc is mounted using our 3D system, improving penetration and mixing while at the same time reducing the power required when compared to traditional 2D systems. A patented bar between the disc's shatters clods and improves mixing. A wide range of rollers are available.



The Maximulch uses the same working principles as the Disc-O-Mulch with two rows of 3D mounted scalloped disc's, but also incorporates a row of pan busting tines. The tines are fitted with the patented TCS blade to raise the whole soil profile over the full working width. The tines are positioned between the two rows of discs to provide the best mixing action whilst also reducing the power requirement.



A soil conditioner with patented TCS blades to raise the whole soil profile in a wave across the full working width. Its action in the soil creates vertical fissuring to enhance the soil structure. This allows aeration, drainage and encourages rapid and deep root development in the growing crop for maximum utilization of soil nutrients. It is available with shear bolt protection or nonstop tines with spring protection as shown. A choice of packer rollers are available.



Designed to work in combination with another implement, this close coupled soil conditioner features shear bolt protection of the patented TCS blades. The action of these blades raise the soil profile in a wave across the full working width creating vertical fissures to enhance the soil structure. Use with a Power Harrow drill combination or add a Disc-O-mulch to mix surface residues in one pass.



This versatile range of tined cultivators are ideal for; stubble breaking post harvest on light land, working down ploughing, incorporating manure, opening and aerating in the spring and the distruction of cover crops.

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