The Bredal Range

Bredal F2 Fertiliser Spreader

Spread from 12-36m without changing discs, vane position, height or tilt. The only adjustment is that of the downshutes and PTO speed. With capacity's from 1.4 ton up to 3.0 ton there is a machine to suit all farm sizes. These machines can be computer controlled to facilitate GPS and variable rate work.

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Bredal SG Bulk Spreader

The SG has been specifically designed to handle more difficult bulk materials. Its single wide floor belt enables it to handle products such as lime and rock salt as well as fertiliser.

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K Series

With an excellent reputation for reliability and accuracy, the K series has long been the machine of choice for large scale farmers and contractors.




F Series

ISOBUS and Section Control come as standard on this machine designed specifically for fertiliser. The F Series features independently controlled twin floor belts and the flow of fertiliser on to the disc's is controlled by independently adjustable downshutes.



SG Trailed Series

Adapted for spreading lime and salt. The disc's of the SG are driven from the top by hydraulic motors, this allows the disc's to be mounted closer to the ground and their speed to be adjusted


Hopper Units

As can be seen below we supply hopper units to work with a wide range of self propelled vehicles. Please contact us for further details.

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