KRM offer a wide range of flail mowers to suit all applications. With cutting widths from 1.3m right up to 6m folding machines and collectors.



Ideal for the smaller tractor the Cat is the smallest of the KRM range. The Cat starts from just 1.35m and is available up to 2.1m. With its twin position headstock the Cat can be used either in line with the tractor or offset to one side. As with the rest of the range it features a full width rear roller, End skids and a PTO free wheel which allows the machine to wind down and prevents any shock loadings.



KRM Condor

The Condor is a versatile flail mower for pasture topping, set-aside, parks and gardens, and ideal for field margins. The low weight and power requirement of the Condor make it suitable for use with a small tractor. The headstock of the Condor incorporates a 40cm hydraulic offset enabling the machine to work around trees or poles. In heavy crop conditions the rear cover can be lifted to reduce the power requirement, this also facilitates easy flail maintenance.



KRM Unika

This multi purpose, heavy duty flail mower, is capable of handling higher volumes of material and is ideal for pasture topping, set-aside, verge mowing or for the maintenance of field margins. The Unika can be front or rear mounted and features hydraulic side shift allowing it to operate in line with the tractor or offset to aid cutting under trees and around obstructions.

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KRM Zenit

The Zenit is a heavy duty flail mower for larger areas of set-aside, pasture topping, roadside verges, orchards and bridle ways. Its compact and low profile design together with its 60cm hydraulic side shift allow the Zenit to cut close to field boundaries and around obstructions. Available from 1.6 to 3.0m all Zenit machines are fitted with a high power gear box, double skin and robust drive line to give hassle free mowing.



KRM Zenit Avant

The Zenit Avant is equipped with a double head stock allowing it to be front or rear mounted. It features the same driveline as the Zenit except for its 1000rpm PTO drive. The Avant is available in widths from 2.1 to 3.0m. Like the Zenit the Avant is fitted with a replaceable wear sheet to prevent damage to the hood and increase the life of the machine. For safety reasons the rear off the Avant is sealed.


KRM Icon

The latest addition to the KRM range of flail mowers this high output machine with tall front opening or "mouth" and unimpeded material flow is capable of shredding large volumes of material, making it ideal for all tasks. Chopped material is deposited over the rear roller eliminating the risk of blockage. Single and double headstock versions are available in all widths from 2.3m to 3.0m. Hydraulic side shift is standard across the range.

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KRM Kronos

These heavy duty machines with castor wheels for height control are ideal for cover crops, straw chopping, stripped straw and rape stubble as well as pasture and set-aside mowing. Available from 4.8m to 6.4m wide as a rigid machine or as a 6.0m folding machine. With their 200hp drive line these machines are capable of terrific daily work rates.



KRM Pellicano

Specially designed for universal use the head of the Pellicano can be operated in line with the tractor or offset for verge maintenance and field boundaries. The pivoting head has a full width roller to follow ground contours and can be operated from below horizontal for banks and ditches, to vertical to trim hedges and small trees. The Pellicano features an offset of 1380mm, is available in 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.1m widths and can be specified right or left handed.




Super Pellicano

Like the Pelicano, the Super Pellicano is also ideal for general farm use and verge mowing. With its greater offset of 1780mm the head can be put fully outside the tractor wheels meaning the area to be cut hasn't been driven over. When cutting ditch sides this also keeps the tractor further from the edge. The Super Pellicano is available in 1.6m, 1.8m, and 2.1m widths and can be specified right or left handed.




Pellicano Master S

The Pellicano Master S is the heaviest duty offset flail. Cutting heads up to 2.5m are available and the same wide offset (1780mm) comes as standard. Break back protection is provided by a spring loaded break back on the lower link and cut material is deposited behind the rear roller. These machines are available in 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.5m cutting widths and can be specified to be right or left handed.




Heavy duty verge mower for the professional featuring universal cutting blades for grass, brambles, small bushes etc on road sides or ditches. Available as front or rear and left or right handed, the machines cutting head can be adjusted from 90 degrees vertical to 70 degrees below horizontal. A gas accumulator allows the cutting head to automatically follow ground contours and a fast acting side shift moves the head through 60cm to avoid obstructions.


Collector Mowers

Our range of collector mowers includes 3 models. The Jolly is for tractors from 40 - 70hp, the Sole (pictured) if for tractors from 70m - 90hp and the Vortex is for tractors from 90 - 140hp Incorporating heavy duty hammer flails, large diameter rear roller with scraper and internal wear and tear sheet. Ideal for playing fields, parks, golf courses or larger grassed areas.

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