KRM Ares 2713 Soladrill

Quality sowing means better germination and more even emergence. Utilizing a robust plastic hopper further reduces the weight of the Ares 2713 allowing smaller lower horsepower tractors to be used for significant crop establishment cost savings.

KRM Elite Coulter
Elite tine coulters are mounted in three rows (4 on solo drills) on equal length arms. Pressure is supplied by a heavy duty spring positioned at a shallow angle below the tine. This geometry ensures that for each movement of the tip the corresponding deflection of the spring is small resulting in more even pressure and therefore depth. This system works equally well when shallow drilling (rape) or deep drilling (peas) as well as in varying soil conditions.
Arranged over 3 evenly spaced rows, the Elite tine coulters are able to handle large amounts of surface trash without blockage. Solo drills feature an additional row of coulters for greater clearance.
KRM PT Coulter
PT tine coulters are mounted in four rows on equal length arms. The top mounted coil spring delivers 60kg of pressure at the tip for improved penetration in min-till seedbeds or when drilling direct. The narrow (12mm) tip ensures minimal disturbance for improved weed control. The easy to replace tip has single bolt fixing and a tungsten carbide tip ensuring long life performance.
Solo drills with PT coulters as shown opposite feature 4 rows of coulters for maximum inter row clearance this allows the drill to handle large amounts of trash without blockage. Drills fitted with a cultivator have 3 rows of coulters to minimise the overall length of the drill.
Standard Features

The solatronic control box monitors all key areas of sowing including; forward speed, area sown, fan speed, hopper level and tramline management.

Further details of this and other electronic solutions for variable rate drilling can be found here

When on a tramline bout the tramline valves save seed back to the tank, preventing over sowing and ensuring a clean start to each tramline. As standard two shutoffs are used per wheeling, three can be specified to accommodate large/flotation tyres.
Heavy duty, shear bolt protected markers leave an easily visible mark. The angle of the large diameter marker disc's can be adjusted to ensure a clear mark is left in difficult seed beds. The tramlining sequence is advanced automatically when the operator moves the markers.

The position of the metering unit makes calibration and rate setting simple. Rather than being tucked under the center of the hopper the metering unit is located at the front left hand corner greatly improving access.

The central metering unit offers precise control of sowing rate from 2 to 400kg/ha and ensures even seed spacing. The seed is metered into a high speed air stream then distributed to the individual coulters. This unit offers easy calibration, simple setting and fast hopper emptying.

Drive for the metering unit is supplied by a shaft from one of the drills large flotation wheels ensuring constant drive. Accurate calibration is performed simply by turning the wheel and collecting the metered seed. To prevent the wheel running on when the drill is lifted at the headland a brake wheel is fitted.
The sowing depth is set centrally using two ratchet adjusters. The parallel linkage design ensures equal depth across the four row of coulters. Wing support wheels are standard across the range. Mounted at the extremity of the wing these wheels allow the frame to follow ground contours. To ensure accurate depth setting the wing support wheels are fitted with an identical depth scale to those on the central depth adjusters.
Two rows of staggered following harrow tines leave a level seedbed. The maximum working depth of the tines can be adjusted as can tine pressure and angle.

Ares Solo

As a solo drill the Ares is available in 4, 4.5, 4.8, 5, and 6m widths. Even in wider widths the compact design of this drill allows a low horsepower, lightweight tractor to be used. Resulting in reduced fuel usage and compaction whilst maintaining high daily work rates. Standard specification includes hydraulic drive fan.


Ares Integrated Cultivator

Here the cultivator is integrated into the drill design allowing the weight of the hopper contents to remain close to the tractor for reduced lift requirement. It features two rows of adjustable tines to provide initial loosening prior to sowing. Suitable for use in a wide range of conditions including heavy, wet soils and Min-Till incorporated seed beds.




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