KRM Trisem

The KRM Trisem has been developed to provide a low cost high output versatile drill. Extra close coupling saves weight and reduces overhang allowing the use of a lighter tractor for reduced compaction. The unobstructed large capacity hopper features a full width lid for easy filling and unimpeded access, its V shaped base ensured the hopper empties fully.

KRM Elite Coulter
Elite tine coulters are mounted in three rows on equal length arms. Pressure is supplied by a heavy duty spring positioned at a shallow angle below the tine. This geometry ensures that for each movement of the tip the corresponding deflection of the spring is small resulting in more even pressure and therefore depth. This system works equally well when shallow drilling (rape) or deep drilling (peas) as well as in varying soil conditions.
Standard Features
The solatronic control box monitors all key areas of sowing including; forward speed, area sown, fan speed and tramline management. A hopper level indicator is visible from the tractor seat.  
When on a tramline bout the tramline clutches disengages drive to four coulters (two for each wheeling). This prevents over sowing and ensures a clean start to each tramline.
The tramlining sequence is advanced automatically when the operator moves the markers. The angle of the large diameter marker disc's can be adjusted to ensure a clear mark is left in difficult seed beds. The markers fold vertically to allow close sowing to hedges.
Seed is metered from the hopper through individual fluted rollers. These 3 position rollers can handle rape, cereals and peas/beans without special parts or complex adjustments. Application rates are set by the variator and be adjusted from 2kg/ha to 400kg/ha. This stepless system ensures the exact target rate can be achieved. A spring loaded seed flap protects the feed rollers from damage by foreign objects and ensures even metering. Its angled leading edge gives progressive metering so an even row spacing
Three rows of elite tine coulters with a large stagger and 13.6cm row spacing ensure even seed depth is maintained. Adjustment through a parallel linkage ensures pressure on all coulters is identical for constant depth.
Two rows of staggered following harrow tines leave a level seedbed. Parallel mounting ensures each row is set at the same angle and height. The harrow also incorporates a full width platform to aid calibration and hopper filling.
Optional Cultivator

An optional front cultivator is available, allowing two operations to be performed in one pass. The cultivator has a row of ripper tines followed by a row of arrow head tines to provide initial loosening and mixing. As well as removing the tractors wheelings this system provides leveling ready for the three rows of drill coulters. With this system the cultivator can be removed when not required.





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