Combi Hitch


Invest in a Combi-Hitch system to improve safety and make effective use of time. This system can revolutionise lone working where time is money.

This system lends itself to any application where the same machine is being used to load and operate an implement, or where speed of switching tractor/implements is important eg silaging.

The NEW FireSafe is an invention designed to ensure the safety of the driver when baling. In the event of a fire, both the driver and the tractor can be saved with the push of a button.


The FireSafe has been developed as an emergency detachment system in the devastating event of a fire whilst baling -  designed to save the life of the operator and save the tractor with t...


The Combi Hitch is a system for fast, safe hitching and unhitching of trailed implements without leaving the tractor seat. This innovative system can help to improve efficiency and produc...


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