NEW Headland Solution for Wider Working Widths



NEW Headland Solution for Wider Working Widths

Known as Dynamic Headland Spreading, the operator can freely switch between normal and headland spreading during operation and at the same time choose whether the field border should be on the right or left side of the machine. All functions are operated without stopping the spreader.

After an extensive development and testing phase, we are now presenting a new headland spreading system for the large working widths from 27-42 metres. The new headland spreading system is based on the technology from the Section Control Dynamic solution, where the spread pattern adapts to field conditions in short work areas and residual tramline widths. This system can now also be used for headland spreading in connection with the ”In-centre” system, i.e. the same direction of rotation as with normal spreading. The advantage of this spreading principle is that the maximum overlap between the left and right spread pattern remains intact.

Today farmers are required to meet new regulations which are becoming increasingly more strict. At the same time, the structural development in agriculture also means that the working widths are becoming larger and larger. On large working widths, it is crucial that the edge spreading is at its best as the headland area can easily represent 20% of the total field size. So, headland spreading has had top priority in the development of the new spreading concept.


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