NEW – Kipline Camera Guidance System from Carre



NEW – Kipline Camera Guidance System from Carre

Following years of experience using the Claas camera system, Carré have now developed their own solution, the Kipline Camera and Weed Pilot control box to work with their range of guided hoes.

The aim is to offer a camera that performs better where there is a high density of weeds and where work is carried out at narrow row spacings. A second Kipline Camera can be combined with the main camera for two-sided crop guidance, to ensure that the hoe is properly guided in conditions of low emergence or irregularly shaped fields. Combining the Kipline Camera with the Klinea hoe is the ideal solution for weeding cereals.

The Kipline camera guides the hoe precisely thanks to the efficiency of its innovative image processing which enables crop rows to be detected even in the presence of heavy weeds, guaranteeing high-quality hoeing in all conditions. LED lights extend the range of use in poor lighting or night-time conditions.

The Kipline stands out for having high-definition optics and has the unique ability to analyse the entire colour spectrum, making it possible to detect the difference between crop rows and weeds.

The Weed Pilot display is an easy to use, touch sensitive screen which includes a real-time video display of the area being analysed by the camera. The operator can select standard settings for quick setup or individually adjust many settings to fine tune the system to a particular set of circumstances.

The retail price of a 6m 24 row (25cm spacing) Klinea complete with Kipline guidance system £56,800


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