NEW – L15W



NEW – L15W

The new L15W has been developed with the same well known and field proven parallel frame weighing system as all other weigh cell machines in the range, this system ensures correct loading of the cell regardless of the angle of the machine, providing accurate weighing in all situations. These machines are fully automatic and self-calibrating “on the move”, meaning that the spreader constantly adapts to the flow characteristics of the fertiliser, ensuring that the target application rate is always achieved.

The L15W sets new standards in precision for small spreaders as it is fully GPS compatible, allowing variable rate application, auto on/off and section control. The L15W can be delivered either with its own Totz control box or as an ISObus machine, ready to connect to the customer’s tractor.

The L15W spreader is the smallest in the Bogballe range, it comes in two hopper widths: 1.25m and 2.10m with capacities from 500 litres to 1600 litres. The narrower “Base” hoppers are ideally suited to working in vineyards and orchards, especially in combination with the 2-row equipment, while the wider “Plus” hopper machines suit smaller farms and amenity applications.

The L15W starts at a retail price of £17,500.


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