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Transforming the attachment of a tractor to a trailed implement

Apr 22, 2024
“The speed and ease with which hitching is accomplished is quite astounding. Time is a big consideration when I am working alone, and hitching on and off the spreader is where you loose the most productivity.”

Tackling weed control with a hoe

Olivers Spring Magazine

Apr 3, 2024
“We were seeing poor control of black-grass…my agronomist suggested we consider hoeing.”

Proof is in the pudding

Jun 15, 2023
“I’ve been able to drill when others couldn’t.”

Soladrill SM-P Elektra

Olivers Spring Magazine

Jun 15, 2023
“A drill that ticks all the boxes.”

Automatic Hitch Investment Boosts Work Rates and Safety

Feb 3, 2023
“We remain delighted with the system and wouldn’t be without the Hitches now.”

KRM Bogballe Spreader Promises Fertiliser Cost Savings

Feb 3, 2023
“With the built-in weighing system, calibrating the spreader couldn’t be simpler,” he says, “and it was very impressive to have just a few kilos left in the hopper at the end of the first job, it’s obviously very accurate.”

Updating farm systems widens drilling options

Nov 7, 2022

Farming heavy land at one of the highest points in Suffolk, this farmer chose a KRM 1909 drill for its ability so sow a variety of crops into a variety of seed beds.

“The Sola can also operate in all cultivation methods; Direct, minimum-tillage or plough-based”

Tine drill hits the spot

Nov 7, 2022

These growers have been moving from a plough based system to min-till and feel their new KRM Ares-P tine drill offers several advantages over their previous drill.

“We really wanted to move less soil and plant more accurately”

A hitch to rule them all?

Nov 7, 2022

An introduction to the SIWI Combi Hitch by profi.

“As a busy contractor he’s found that the investment paid for itself quite quickly, both in saved time and the freeing of a second tractor or materials handler for other work..”

High capacity spreader eases workload

Nov 7, 2022

This article looks at the reasons why Lincolnshire based contractors Bellamys of Weston chose a large capacity twin axle KRM Bredal spreader and the benefits they're seeing.

“I have struck with Bredal as they are reliable and the manufacturer and our dealer provide excellent back up”

Spreader update speeds the job

Nov 7, 2022

This article looks at the reasons behind a Berkshire based contractors decision to update two of their machines..

“There is a high initial outlay for the Bredal, but we feel that the reliability and accuracy they give us in the application of both lime and Cropkare fertiliser justifies the decision.”

Grab And Go

Nov 7, 2022

This article looks at the advantages of having a self-contained loading/spreading outfit.

“We’ve saved a man and a machine and the integrated crane and bucket has allowed us a greater degree of flexibility; we can send the spreader out as a self-contained unit with a spreading schedule and don’t have to worry about logistics.”

Skilled Operators are a MUST

Nov 7, 2022

Farm Contractor talk to Lincolnshire based JSE Systems about the services they offer including their half dozen Fastrac and Bredal K105 outfits.

“Each of the companies operators works autonomously, towing a trailer with a JCB Loadall telehandler on board for filling in the field, and with a spreader towed behind.”

Iconic fertiliser spreader with belts and hydraulic drive


Nov 7, 2022

This Danish publications takes Bredals F4 for a test drive.

“Accordingly, the spreader spreads fertiliser over an area equivalent to twice the working width being fertilised. In doing so, it spreads fertiliser over the entire field with quadrupole overlap and the spreading pattern is close behind the tractor.”

Making every granule count

Nov 7, 2022

This article looks at the benefits of fertiliser application and the need for an even spread pattern

“Every £1 spent on fertiliser can return as much as £2.50 in higher grass yields. But only if nutrients are evenly applied by a machine which has been set to produce the correct spread pattern.”

Spreading the word on improving applications

Nov 7, 2022

This article looked at the advantages of using a weigh cell system to improve accuracy

“with the right technology it is possible to make the fertiliser spreader work harder and save valuable setting-up time, while improving accuracy of applications.”

Weighing up the benefits of spreader technology

Nov 7, 2022

This article looked at the advantages of using a weigh cell system to improve accuracy

“I’ve already applied some N with the spreader and it looks extremely accurate – on 464ha of rape I applied 8 bags and was just 10kg out. I could not have achieved that level of accuracy with our previous spreader.”

Weigh cells – worth the extra cost?

Nov 7, 2022

A look at the cost benefit analysis of adding weigh cells to a fertiliser spreader

“Changes in the weather and differences between batches of fertiliser can have a significant effect on the characteristics of a fertiliser, and therefore how well it spreads, and continuous weighing allows the machine to account for this”

Large capacity, improved accuracy and new control systems

Nov 7, 2022

A review of innovations from Bogballe ahead of the 2014 season

“Bogballe is one of the first agricultural implement manufacturers to have developed an ‘app’ to allow its products to be operated by a tablet or a mobile smart phone”

Mammoth mounted spreader and section control from Bogballe/KRM

Nov 7, 2022

A review of innovations from Bogballe ahead of the 2014 season

“Bogballe (KRM in the UK) has now introduced Section Control Dynamic (SCD) which offers automatic section control, headland stop/start and variable rate application”

Dishing the ‘fert’

Nov 7, 2022

Here five of the common fertiliser spreaders were tested against each other.

“Summary: Spreading all the tested fertilisers to 24m the Bogballe/KRM and Rauch/Kuhn gave the best results with CoV’s of 6% to 9% at the first attempt”

Worlds biggest mounted fert spreader revealed

Nov 7, 2022

A review of innovations from Bogballe ahead of the 2014 season

“Bogballe remains devoted to building one product – mounted fertiliser spreaders”

KRM Shows of its latest innovations in fertiliser spreading

Nov 7, 2022

This article looks at the latest innovations in fertiliser spreaders from KRM

“We have developed a program where you can Google your field, define your headland and the machine will decide where to start and stop”

On the grid… Six spreaders on test

Nov 7, 2022

In this article the major six fertiliser spreaders sold throughout the UK were compared. Spread tests were done at 36m and the results published. The article looks at both in field and headland spreading.

Headland spreading “The results were good with only 0.24% of the fertiliser falling beyond the boundary” In field spreading “Bogballe’s CV of 3.7% was the lowest uncorrected figure in the test”

Don’t let the choice confuse you

Nov 7, 2022

A guide to buying a used KRM spreader. This article looks at the speck options available on used M-line spreaders and updates that the range has received since its launch in 2004.

“The paint on these machines is really good, and this combined with extensive use of stainless steel, should mean used examples that have not been damaged ore stored out in the elements hold up well”

Adaptive technology helps boost spreading accuracy

Nov 7, 2022

Farmers Guardian describes the issues which can occur when GPS systems automatically start/stop a machine at the headland, as a result of variations in forward speed and how our Tempo Tracker software automatically compensates for this.

“This precise on/off point is achieved by monitoring the tractor’s forward speed, up to 10 times/second.”

Technical : Precision Farming

Nov 7, 2022

An overview of the advantages of KRM's tablet based iZurf app for guidance, section control and variable rate. Including comment from user Paul Stebbings of Essex, who upgraded his existing KRM spreader to a model with iZurf..

“It was very easy to set up and communication has been faultless – my phone is more complicated.”
Nov 4, 2022

Synopsis In this regular feature, the magazine visits a farm following a season with a new machine to see how the machine has met up to their expectations. In this article they visit Grosvenor farms in Cheshire who took delivery of an ISObus controlled M2W equipped with Dynamic section control at the start of last (2017) season.

One of the first features that impressed us was just how easy it is to set up, You can put anyone on the seat.”

Podium Position

Jun 7, 2022

A feature about how KRM started and how the company has grown.

“We have close relationships with our suppliers, who accept our input to make the product better for UK conditions; we see then as our production companies, they see us as their sales team.”

Crane takes the strain

May 7, 2022

A look at why one contractor chooses to use machine mounted Botex cranes for filling their fleet of lime spreaders.

“The cranes are reliable and have low running costs” Mr Dutton says, “And they are faster then a telehandler; the fast slewing speed enables us to load our 10t spreader in five minutes, including clearing up.”

Disc-O rocks the fields

Apr 8, 2022

A 4.5m Disc-O-Mulch gold is put through its paces during a Profi Practical Test

“Easy to set up and use, the 4.5m Disc-O-Mulch stands out for its fine quality of work across a wide range of conditions and depths.”

Three crop rule need not be an issue with the right drill

Mar 7, 2022

Following the introduction of the three crop rule, this Suffolk farm have upgraded to a KRM 1909 drill to establish rape, wheat and spring beans. The drill is used in plough based, min-till and direct drilling applications.

“The change to the Soladrill had definitely helped the black grass control because it drills the crop with very little disturbance to the surface soil,”

A nice slice of Danish

Mar 7, 2022

Synopsis A Profi magazine "Practical Test" where the use a machine for a season to really get to grips with how it operates.

“Previous profi tests showed that in accuracy terms the M2W Plus performs very well. We can now add that in the field its easy to operate.”

Precision key to application service

Feb 7, 2022

Notts based contractor, Shire Farm Services use large capacity Bredal K105 with auto rate control linked to a Trimble RTK system to give the precision he and his customers require.

“The Bredal is robust, simple to operate and offers the capability of handling a wide variety of materials.”

Drill and power harrow combo is worth its weight

Oct 7, 2020

A look at the reasons behind Nortamptonshire farmer Dick Payne's decision to replace his old drill combination with a new KRM rig..

“The design of the elite tine coulters gave me the precise depth control I wanted.”

Ernest Doe And KRM

Jun 7, 2020

An article about the history of Ernest Doe's relationship with KRM.

“Its been a great success for Ernest Doe and KRM and has meant good service and the best technology for farmers of East Anglia and the South East.”


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